ExedOS is an extremely compact, efficient, highly modular, multiprocessor-capable, extensible operating system for use across a broad range of designs.

The ExedOS core provides common, high-level access to basic processor functionality such as task management, prioritization and dispatching, thread context switching, interrupts, inter-process and inter-processor synchronization and signaling, memory protection and management and exception handling.

Standard system extensions are available for system time, timer (alarm) event generation and dispatch, internet protocol (TCP/IP, etc.), diagnostic console(s), file I/O, and other common system capabilites.

Additional developer-supplied system-level modules may be loaded during system initialization.

The ExedOS core, standard system extensions and libraries are written in C++, utilizing features of C++17. ExedOS APIs are provided through C++ abstract classes.

Features include:

ExedOS is suitable for designs ranging from a simple, 32-bit microcontroller design without threads or dynamic memory allocation/deallocation, all the way through 64-bit multiprocessor, networked, multimedia systems.