The Xcedent C/C++ Development Tools, or XCDT, are a collection of components integrated to provide a rich development environment for generating embedded applications on Windows® workstations targeting the Maxim Integrated MAX2982 and MAX2986 OFDM Powerline Modem devices.

Other ARM® and ARM Cortex® processors are also supported.

The XCDT collection integrates the popular Eclipse™ IDE for C/C++ Developers, a feature-rich application for source code editing, compiling, and interactive in-application/in-circuit debugging, complemented by the Gnu Compiler Collection C and C++ compilers and binary utilities.

The XCDT collection incorporates additional proprietary utilities, libraries and other components that bridge the gaps between the various popular, open-source programs.

The open-source components include:

The XCDT Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

The XCDT Integrated Development Environment extends the popular Eclipse IDE's C Managed Build facility for cross-compilation using the XCDT compilers and utilities.

The Xcedent Integrated Platforms provide additional project generation features that create the necessary "under-the-covers" components for quick, seamless generation of application extensions.

Extended capabilities include:

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